We, MUROMACHI KIKAI, established in October 1959, are a manufacturer and distributor of animal research apparatus. In addition to our own products, we also sell imported products.
"Animal research apparatus" has a huge variety of types in terms evaluation, methods and etc.
To give some familiar examples, there are anxiolytic evaluation, antidepressant evaluation, and evaluation of antidementia, which is in other words learning and memory. Moreover, there are analgesia, dependence, motor function, regenerative medicine, and…, so there is no end.
A wide variety of evaluation exist. This means that there are considerable types of devices to do the evaluation, over the world. For example, some devices still carry out experimental methods that have been used for more than 30 years.
We have been involved in animal research instruments for a long time, and in the ever-advancing science technology, we are not only dealing with new products, but also continuing instruments that already have a long history, with some minor updates.
Looking back the highlights of our developments, there are several products that have been jointly developed according to the requests and wishes from researchers.
In this symposium, I would like to some examples of industry-academia collaboration in behavioral experiment apparatus such as automatic Hole-board test and Aggression response meter.

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