Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners, Inc. (Axcelead) was separated from Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited and established in July, 2017 to support drug development of academia, pharmaceutical companies, and startups. We provide various services including drug screening, compound synthesis, pharmacological studies, pharmacokinetics examinations, and toxicological studies. We put great efforts into developing large animal models including pigs as pharmacological studies with large animals are desired in the area of regenerative medicine such as cell therapy. An original immunosuppressed pig model has been developed by two methods at Axcelead. The first is to remove thymus and spleen which regulate immune system in pigs. The second is to utilize immunosuppressive agents, which we measure those concentrations in plasma and control dosages to reach the targeted plasma concentration. The targeted concentration in vivo is decided based on in vitro assay using peripheral blood mononuclear cells isolated from pigs and calculated protein binding rate. To reduce stress for animals, the drug is administered via gastrostomy and blood samples are collected from central venous catheter. Furthermore, heart failure and type 1 diabetes pig models have been developed at Axcelead. We will introduce our immunosuppressed models and the two disease models at this workshop.

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