We are now facing the third wave of artificial intelligence (AI). AI refers to simulated intelligence in machines that have been programmed to mimic human brain behavior such as learning, reasoning and problem solving. Many computer algorithms had contributed to previous waves, but this latest wave of AI was created by deep learning algorithm which is inspired by how human brain processes information through interaction of neurons. The first simplified mathematical model of neuron, the formal neuron, was proposed by McCulloch and Pitts in 1943. In this model, a neuron receives a set of binary inputs from other neurons, multiplies each input with the weight (i.e. the strength of synapse), and activates if the sum of these weighted inputs is greater than a threshold. More than 70 years have passed since this simple model was proposed and we are now seeing many examples where AI beats humans. In this symposium, we have speakers from two pairs of pharmaceutical and IT companies that have recently announced big partnership for AI technology, and they will present their recent development and application of AI, and their future prospects. I hope we can learn many cases of applications of AI to biology, pharmacology, drug discovery, and pharmaceutical business.

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