The Health, Care and Educational Information Evaluation Promotion Organization (HCEI) has established a database centered on electronic medical records in collaboration with 160 medical institutions since 2015. As a characteristic of this database, it contains not only data of DPC and receipt already, but also test results and death data. As a result, we can conduct outcome research to measure the effects of drugs and treatments.
Our database is not dependent on vendors and register in the database about 19 million patients. Based on JLAC10, it has standardized 1000 kinds of inspections (with unit / sample classification), and it becomes a useful database for post marketing surveillance etc.
In addition, we have also started a project to collect data in the registry and the data extraction in the randomized controlled trial conducted by the academic society, and we are promoting efforts to eliminate the load of data extraction in the hospitals. Since effective utilization of medical data is a major cornerstone for drug discovery or quality improvement of medical treatment, we would like to continue to develop the database for the promotion of primary and secondary use of medical information.

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