Greeting from President

Yoshikatsu Kanai
The 92nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Pharmacological Society
Yoshikatsu Kanai, President
(Department of Bio-system Pharmacology, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine)

The 92nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Pharmacological Society will be held for three days from March 14th (Thu) to 16th (Sat) in 2019, at the Osaka International Convention Center (Grand Cube Osaka). I would like to take this opportunity to welcome prospective participants and make a few requests.

Pharmacology has been developed as a field of life science to comprehensively understand the action of drugs and bioactive substances on living organisms from the unique point of view in which to approach the life phenomenon based on compound-target interactions. Due to the elucidation of the drug actions and development of drug discovery, pharmacology has built an important basis for drug therapies. At the same time, its accomplishments and unique methodology have influenced the whole field of life science, going beyond the studies of medical and pharmaceutical sciences. Furthermore, in recent years, the innovative outcomes obtained by integrating emerging technologies have created a paradigm shift, and so many new pharmacological studies are appearing. The positions of pharmacology in translational research and advanced medical care have also been enhanced. “Dug discovery” has caught the attention as a national policy. Hence, the importance of pharmacology for the improvement and development of medical treatment has been increasing day by day.

To promote such development of pharmacology, the Japanese Pharmacological Society has held the annual meeting since 1927, and this will be the 92nd in 2019. The 92nd Annual Meeting will succeed the achievements of the 18th World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (WCP2018) held in Kyoto in July 2018, and become a new starting point to create the future pharmacology in international, interdisciplinary, and industry-academic-government collaboration. In order to fulfill this mission of the annual meeting, we have decided the theme “Concerto on science and innovation toward new horizon of pharmacology " for this meeting. Building upon WCP2018, we hope the uniqueness in Japanese pharmacology will be reaffirmed and further developed through the collaboration with various fields of life science in the international communities. In order for the further improvement and development of medical cares through the cooperation with industry, academia and government, we also hope to explore a direction toward the new development of pharmacology under this keywords of "creation" and "concerto/cooperation.”

For the special lectures, we invite experts in life science and drug discovery science. In the organizer-planning sessions, we will focus on the perspectives of new field creation, the collaboration with other life sciences as well as medicine and drug discovery, international collaboration, industry-academia-government collaboration, promotion of diversity, pharmacology education, and human resource development in pharmacology. As a session of the annual meeting, we plan to resume Japan - Korea Pharmacology Joint-seminar which has been suspended since 2012. For students and young researchers who are the next generation in pharmacology, we provide opportunities where they can enjoy science and find their future in pharmacology.

The annual meeting is a central event of the Japanese Pharmacological Society. We will welcome pharmacology researchers, and medical professionals including, doctors, dentists, pharmacists and nurses, as well as industry researchers, people from the agencies for pharmaceutical affairs and administrative agencies, and college and graduate students, to get together for academic discussions. It will also be an opportunity for them to expand their circles of research and people. Thus, we will appreciate any suggests from participants and make our best efforts to make this meeting meaningful as a place to discuss.

As this meeting will be taken place in the same year as WCP2018, we apologize for any burden we need to ask you. However, we hope this meeting will complement WCP2018 and contribute to the future of pharmacology with succeeding and further expanding the achievements of WCP 2018. We appreciate in advance for your active participation and support to this meeting. Thank you.